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Have you ever had a moment where someone asks you a trivial question about an anime and you answer with 20 sentences of full detail explanation?
Ever cosplayed in random public, you know, just because?
Ever walked around in your home in full cosplay for a whole day for no reason?
Find yourself swearing in Japanese when you hit your toe?
Fell asleep with your favourite anime plushie?
Spent a whole day just watching anime?
Well, welcome to the family.

We're out to love anime/manga/videogames a little too much,
We're out to prove not all otakus are old smelly men looking at hentai,
We're out to unite all that have entered Otakudom!


What's an Otaku?

A nerd, a geek, a japanophile, an addict of generally anime/manga/japan. For further explanation, click here.

So what am I allowed to post here?

Since everyone doesn't watch the same anime, read the same manga, or play the game as everyone else we ask you to keep in general. Otaku stories, otaku photos, otaku etc!
Introduction posts are allowed, but not needed. Friend me? posts are totally fine, too! otakus wants you to unite with other otakus like you!


1. otakus is mainly aimed at anime, manga and video game otakus.

2. otakus isn't for people who happen to watch an english anime on YTV and cartoon network one night and like it a bit. Sorry, but we ask you to turn the other way and come back when you know you've entered Otakudom.

3. Please be kind and respectful.

4. Spellcheck was invented for a reason, please use it!

5. No hentai or explicit yaoi and yuri; though yaoi and yuri are of course allowed in general.

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